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Step 4. Enable Mail Notifications
Step 4. Enable Mail Notifications

Be up to date on your incoming mail by enabling notifications.

Updated over a week ago

Never miss incoming mail by enabling notifications in your virtual mailbox account. Follow the instructions below to manage your notification settings.

πŸ“Œ As a default, you'll receive notifications instantly for completed requests, updates about your submitted IDs for compliance, and new mail assigned. You'll receive these notifications through email and on your notification center πŸ””.

Start by...

  1. Going to your renter platform.

  2. Go to the User Profile icon πŸ‘€ in the top right corner.

  3. In the drop-down, click the Notifications tab.

Customize your notifications

  1. Disable the notifications you don't want to receive.

  • Requests: Receive updates about your submitted requests.

  • Compliance: Receive updates about submitted IDs verification process.

  • Activity: Receive updates when new mail is assigned to your mailboxes.

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