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Step 2: Configure Your Mail Offering Plans
Step 2: Configure Your Mail Offering Plans

Manage which requests you will offer to your renters.

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You can create various mailbox offering plans that include different services like action requests and storage fees.

Action requests in PilotoMail are requests submitted by mail managers on their mail via their client-facing app. You can set up which action requests and how many complimentary requests you will offer your renters, as well as availability and pricing for additional requests.

You can also set up storage fees, a service charge for rented storage space. For each type of mail, add how many complimentary storage days you will offer your renters and your fee for extra storage days.

Configure Your Mailbox Offering Plans

Logged in to your operator dashboard:

  1. Visit Settings.

  2. Click Offerings.

  3. Click on the โž• plus button to add a new plan.

  4. Add your Plan Name (for reference, label each plan with your membership or subscription name).

  5. Enter the monthly price for a virtual mailbox.

  6. Click the ๐ŸŸข toggle to green to enable the action requests available for renters under that plan.

  7. After enabling, the space to add handling fees for action requests will appear. You can add how many you will offer free of charge and how much you will charge after.

  8. Enter how many days you will offer free storage for each mail and package type.

  9. Enter the fee for days stored after the free storage days are up.

  10. Click the Save Changes button when you are done.

  11. Repeat steps 3 to 10 to add each of your mailbox plans.

Available Requests For Renters

Open & Scan

Request made by users for their mail to be opened, scanned, and uploaded to PilotoMail for them to see a mail's contents.


Request made by users for their mail to be shredded.


Request made by users for their mail to be recycled.

Onsite & Curbside Pickup

Request made by a user for their mail to be available for onsite or curbside pick up at your space.


Request made by a user for their mail to be forwarded to an address via postal carriers.

You can also select which providers (USPS, UPS, and FedEx) you want your renters to choose from when requesting a forward of their mail.

Deposit Check

Request made by a user for a check they received via mail to be deposited at a bank. When a renter makes the request, they will be able to choose from a list of banks you have set beforehand.

Leave at office

Request made by users for their mail to be left inside their office.

Managers & Authorized Recipients

You can now limit the number of managers and recipients a renter can include in their mailbox.

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