The following steps will help you set up the OfficeRnD and PilotoMail integration.

Connect PilotoMail to OfficeRnD

On your OfficeRnD account:

  1. Visit Settings.

  2. Select Developer Tools.

  3. Click the button Add a new application at the top right corner.

    Remember to add a name and enable read and write permissions.

  4. Save the client ID and client secret values for the next steps.

On your PilotoMail operator account:

  1. Visit Settings.

  2. Select Integrations on the top menu bar.

  3. Click the 🧮 configuration icon on the OfficeRnD integration card.

  4. Enter your organization name, client ID, and client secret.

  5. Checkmark ✔️ "Bill mailbox renters with OfficeRnD? if using the feature.

    When enabled, all charges for your members in PilotoMail will be sent to OfficeRnD and added to the next invoice.

📌 To find your organization name in the OfficeRnD platform:

  1. Visit Settings.

  2. Click on My Account. It will be the value after the slash in the Admin Site property.

Configure Mapping Between Accounts

After the credentials for OfficeRnD have been set, we need to configure a mapping between OfficeRnD Locations and Plans to PilotoMail Spaces and Plans.

To add your plans, here's a quick guide to configuring your mailbox plans in PilotoMail.

This will be used when new members are added to OfficeRnD. PilotoMail will be notified and will create a mailbox for each member. If the information matches the mapping, your members will have access to their virtual mailbox from the start.

  1. Click the ➕ plus button on the respective mapping sections to link plans to mailbox offerings and link locations to spaces.

  2. Click the button to copy the webhook URL.

  3. Head back to your OfficeRnD account.

  4. Select Settings.

  5. Click Developer Tools.

  6. Select Webhooks.

  7. Click the add endpoint in the top right corner to copy.

  8. Paste the URL from PilotoMail to the Endpoint URL field.

  9. On the events to send dropdown select: 'membership.created', 'membership.updated' and 'membership.removed', click add.

  10. Copy the signing secret from the webhook view.

  11. Paste the signing secret value into the PilotoMail app OfficeRnD signing secret input field.

  12. Save changes.

🎉 That's it you have successfully configured the PilotoMail integration with OfficeRnD.

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