Mailbox Users & Access

Assigning different mailbox users, depending on the level of access.

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Mailbox renters determine how much access other mailbox users can have in their virtual mailbox.

The manager role is designed for people to have full access to a mailbox and its settings. Non-manager roles can be set up to receive mail to a mailbox or simply for pickup mail.

🎯 Mail operators can invite mailbox managers and recipients, and add pickup staff to a mailbox on a renter's behalf.

Mailbox Users & Access

Mailbox Renters

Mailbox renters own a digital mailbox and have full access to their mailbox as Mailbox Renters are automatically Mailbox Managers.

Mailbox Managers

Mailbox managers have full access to receive mail, request actions, and invite other users to your virtual mailbox.

Mail Recipients

Mail Recipients can receive mail and request actions but don’t have access to manage the account (unless added as a mailbox manager). As a mail operator will be receiving mail on their behalf, they would also have to validate their identity on the platform and include their email.

Mail Pickup Staff

Mail pickup staff are only authorized to pick up mail on your behalf but do not have access to your virtual mailbox.

Send An Invitation

Mailbox renters and managers with an active account can invite new users.

  1. From your desktop, click the πŸ‘€ User Profile icon in the top right.

  2. On the dropdown, click βš™οΈ Settings.

  3. Go to Mail Managers, Mail Recipients, or Mail Pickup Staff.

  4. Enter the email address in the space provided.

  5. Tap enter or return on your keyboard to send.

πŸ“Œ Learn how to invite users, check pending invitations, and revoke access.

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